It’s Unofficially Summertime!

It is unofficially summertime now that Memorial Day has passed us by. 

Take a moment and think back to when you were a kid. I grew up a Military Brat, so my summers were spent wherever my dad happened to be stationed that year. Some of my favorite spots where I had a lot of friends was Ft. Wadsworth on Staten Island, NY with a view of NYC; Heidelberg, Germany where I was next-door neighbors with Elizabeth Vargas (who went by Liz back then); and Ft. Campbell, KY. I had some great times back then! I remember playing kick the can, red light-green light, red rover, freeze tag, mother may I, and at night ~ ghost in the graveyard!!!!!

During the day, we spent all of our time outside having fun; except for me, who sometimes had fun at the library! 😉 Nights were impressive because we could stay up late, and if you had some great friends, there was always time for sleepovers! I remember the MOST sleepovers in Heidelberg, Germany and Ft. Campbell, KY.  Two of my best friends of all time lived in those two places.

One of my best friends was Gloria. I was thrilled when she befriended me! I had moved to Germany and did not know anyone. She was in my youth group and was a year older, and SO much taller than me!  But she was crafty, loved to laugh, and eat. She was a Christian and we would listen to Amy Grant together. We had other friends in our group, but Gloria and I KNEW that we were it. We would spend the night at my house and stay up all night laughing until we were crying. We always had SO much fun, and we are still friends today.

My other best friend was Vikki. We became friends at Ft. Campbell. Again, she was a Christian and we had the same values, and we both liked to have fun and act crazy. I was SO happy because my hair was longer than hers! We were both born in Alaska in the same hospital, 5 days apart… I mean, c’mon! I loved going to her house because her mom had REAL Coke, not the generic kind. We had sleepovers where we stayed up all night laughing and eating Milky Way candy bars and leaving the wrappers on the windowsill. Today, Vikki is a Missionary in Poland, and we are STILL friends!

Back then, I could not imagine going a single day without talking to either one of those ladies. My day would not be complete without passing a note, making a phone call, or spending as much time as possible with each of them. Now, imagine your relationship with God. We say we love Him with all of our heart, and we cannot imagine our lives without Him. What would we do? What do we do now? Do we have a relationship with Him like we do our best friends? Can you imagine going a single moment, or a single day, without spending time with Him? Do you spend time every day talking with Him and letting Him know how your life is going, what your worries are and how much you love and appreciate everything He does for you? Do you read His word every day for guidance and wisdom and charity? Look at the traits I described of my best friends, and look at the way you spend time with the Savior. Make sure your life is reflecting your relationship with the Lord the way you meant it to be. 

James 4:8 “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

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  • angelika santiago

    Wonderful memories ! Reminds me of growing up in Panama too, we played many of the same games. I got to spend a day with the San Blas Indians on one of their islands, no tourists were allowed, we were invited. I remember they made coconut candy and snorkeling in the clearest ocean water along corals. Biking around my home there was one hill once you started up it, the howler monkeys made a huge racket until you started down the other side. Growing up Brat is special, your memories and friends are many and all over the world.

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