Our Rock and Helper

There was a time when I was getting ready to go into high school when I realized that my dad worked REALLY hard. At work, but also at home with his kids and showing ultimate devotion to my mom.

When I started high school, I wanted to be able to purchase my own clothes. I was used to my mom sewing things for me, or going to thrift stores and buying me clothes to wear; some of which were quite embarrassing in middle school. Izod shirts with the alligator emblem were very trendy at the time, and for my younger siblings, she would often sew shirts and then buy and sew on a “whale” logo where the alligator went on the Izod shirt. She would say, “Nobody will know the difference.” They did. Haha. Going into 10th grade, I wanted to be myself. I told my dad I would do extra chores for the money if he would give me a little bit each month. He agreed to give me $20 a month – no additional duties needed. *insert big smile* I could save up and buy what I wanted. I babysat and earned more money that way. Many of my friends owned Izod shirts in every possible color, and I only owned two, but I was proud of those two shirts!

I appreciated my dad giving me that responsibility. I knew he loved me and had seven other kids as well as other bills. My dad realized how important it was to me, and also understood it would teach me to budget to save for things I wanted to buy.

God does the same things for me. I have sometimes felt like I was trying to deal with more than my fair share of life problems. MANY times. I did not understand why it had to be so hard when other people seemed to live life skillfully. My whole life has been that way. I have come to realize that God does this on purpose. He often gives me more than I can handle on my own so that I will seek Him. Believe me, I learned this the hard way. But God is always there when I need Him, and always ready to help. He is my rock, my Heavenly Father, and is there to steady me when I need it.

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