Finding our Purpose

Have you ever woken up and just felt like “What in the world is my purpose”?  I have felt that SO OFTEN in my life.  If you have read my book, you know I have been through a lot, and have wondered often what God wanted my life to mean.  I just released my first book and am now 57 years old ~ so God wanted to wait and show me His plans later in my life.  We never know what He is going to do.  We should not second guess things that He allows to happen to us because we are always going to learn lessons from bad and good experiences.  Growth always happens when things are happening! 

I oftentimes see the lives of others who seem to be perfect.  We do not know what is happening in those lives, or what sadness lies behind the doors of those perfectly manicured lawns and driveways with expensive cars.  We should not attempt to compare our lives to others ~ because we are always going to come out on the wrong side.  What we need to do is spend time each day talking to God and reading His word.  We should be asking God what He needs from us.  Sometimes it seems more like a one-way relationship.

Remember when we were little and heard about the genie in a bottle?  Rub the bottle and a genie would come and give us only THREE wishes?  In 1 Kings 3, God granted Solomon the wish of asking for anything in the world that He wanted, and He would give it to Him.  Can you imagine?  So, Solomon thought and thought, and then asked for wisdom so He could rule properly.  Most people, when given the gift of one wish from God, would not ask for wisdom.    But God was pleased with his request and then granted him not only wisdom but also long life and a career as the most successful King in history.

It is okay for us to ask God for things, but we do not always have to focus on material things.  The older I get, the less “things” mean to me.  We need to be owning and developing our relationship with Jesus.  How do you own and develop a relationship with a friend?  Do you just announce, “We’re friends!” and that is it?  NO!  You text, and call, and visit.  Same with Jesus friends.  We need to spend time each day talking about our hopes and dreams, letting Him know our concerns, and asking Him what He needs from us ~ and then spending time being quiet so we can discern what He is trying to tell us.  We need to read awesome books and especially the Bible to see what awesome wisdom is there for our lives!  I will pray for you friends ~ if you pray for me! 

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